Bentonite Powder Pulverizer

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Bentonite is a chemically stable clay mineral, which is also called “universal stone.” Diffraction experiments show that the bentonite particle size is close to nanoscale, which can prove that bentonite is a natural nano-material.

Using bentonite
Grinding Mill by Grinding, bentonite can be made of powder, for a wide range:

Purified lithium bentonite

Mainly used for casting coatings and color ceramic coatings, but also for latex paint and fabric sizing agent.

Purified sodium bentonite

1. For the machinery industry casting sand and binder, to improve casting accuracy.

2. In the paper industry as a filler to increase the brightness of the product.

3. Applicable to white emulsion, floor glue, paste the production of high adhesion.

4. It is suitable for the stable suspension performance and compatibility of waterborne coatings.

5. Suitable for drilling fluids.

Cement – bentonite

Used in cement processing, bentonite can improve product appearance and performance.

Efficient activated clay

1. For animal and vegetable oil refining, can remove harmful ingredients in edible oil.

2. For oil and mineral refining and purification.

3. In the food industry as a wine, beer, fruit juice clarifier.

4. As a catalyst, a filler, a desiccant, an adsorbent and a flocculant.

5. It can be used as chemical defense antidote in defense chemical industry. With the development of society and science, activated clay will be more widely used.

Calcium bentonite

Can be used as casting sand, binder and radioactive waste absorbent use;

Also can be used as agricultural diluent and pesticide.

Bentonite powder grinder can be used to crush barite, calcite, potassium, marble, glass, feldspar, kaolin, bentonite, ) Widely used in metallurgy, construction, chemical, mining.

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Bauxite Industrial Mill

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Bauxite is not mineral. This is a rock that has been severely filtered from the red earth soil and other soluble substances in humid tropical or subtropical climates. It is the main ore of aluminum. Almost all of the produced aluminum is extracted from bauxite.

Use of bauxite

1. bauxite production.

2. the use of bauxite as abrasive.

3. Sintered bauxite is also used as oil field fracturing proppant.

4. Bauxite substitutes.

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Barite Ultrafine Mill

Barite Ultrafine Mill For sale, Barite Ultrafine Mill Price, Barite Ultrafine Mill Suppliers

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Barite is composed of barium sulfate ore (barium sulfate). It takes its name from the Greek word “barys” means “heavy”, this name is based on the high proportion of barite in 4.5, this is a kind of non metallic minerals exception. The high proportion of barite, which makes it applicable to a wide range of industrial, medical and manufacturing. Barite also serves as the main ore of barium.

Uses of Barite

The barite production used as drilling mud weighting agent. Barite has also been used as a coating and pigment as a weighted filler for paper, cloth. Barite is the primary mineral of barium, which is used in the manufacture of barium compounds. Compound barite can also be used for medical diagnostic tests. The oil and gas industry is a major user of the world of barite. Used as additive in drilling mud. This is a growing industry because global oil and gas demand has been growing in the long run.

Barite Ultrafine Mill can be used to crush the barite, calcite, potassium, marble, glass, dolomite, feldspar, kaolin, bentonite, diatomite, talc, talc, gypsum, barite and superfine mill (Raymond mill) is widely used in metallurgy, construction, chemical, mining field.

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